What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

The true advance in spinal surgery is minimally invasive spine surgery. Over the past 15 years, there has been a paradigm shift from open spine surgery to minimally invasive spine(MIS) surgery. The key differences between the two techniques are highlighted below:

Open Spine Surgery

  • 4-5 inch incision
  • Muscles are cut and damaged
  • 5-7 day hospital stay
  • >6 month recovery in most cases
  • Severe post-op pain
  • Increased blood loss
  • As high as 10-15% infection rate
  • Large scar

There are only a few centers that offer true minimally invasive spine surgery. This technique requires a very high level of training. There is a big difference between operating through a ½ inch incision and operating through a 5 inch incision. Minimally invasive spine surgery is very technically challenging and requires a tremendous amount of skill. We are able to accomplish a lot working through tiny incisions because we employ the use of the surgical microscope which provides excellent magnification and lighting of the surgical field. The safe execution of these procedures requires an immense level of hand eye coordination and microsurgical skill. One has to perform these procedures on a regular basis in order to achieve world class proficiency.

Why choose San Jose Neurospine for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

  • 1/2 inch incision
  • Board Certified Neurosurgeon
  • More than 2000 successful cases
  • Same day discharge
  • Northwestern/UCLA Trained
  • Minimal post-op pain
  • Quick Recovery
  • Over 90 percent success rate
  • Advanced Technology

At San Jose Neurospine, we have performed over 2000 successful minimally invasive spine surgery procedures. This is our area of expertise and this is ALL we do. Our Board Certified Neurosurgeon is Northwestern/UCLA trained and has mastered these techniques from the pioneers in the field. You don’t have to suffer with chronic back or neck pain. A ½ inch incision could equal a lifetime of pain relief. If you are considering spine surgery, you owe it to yourself to explore minimally invasive options. As a spine center of excellence, we have seen numerous patients who were told by other centers that minimally invasive spine surgery was not an option when in fact it was a viable option. Call us Today to learn more ---(408) 377 3331

Am I a Candidate for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

If you suffer from neck or lower back pain and have tried conservative treatments with no success, you should consider minimally invasive spine surgery. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you could potentially benefit from surgery.

  1. Do you avoid walking because it worsens your back or leg pain?
  2. Do you have numbness and tingling in your extremities?
  3. Do you find yourself hunching over to get back pain relief?
  4. Has your physician recommended spine surgery to you?
  5. Have you tried conservative treatments such as massage therapy, chiropractic treatments and physical therapy without pain relief?
  6. Do you have neck or back pain that radiates to your extremities?
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San Jose Neurospine Treatment Philosophy
  • We understand the negative impact chronic neck or lower back pain could have on quality of life. We are fully aware that these conditions cause a significant amount of suffering for our patients. We also understand the significant fear and anxiety most patients have about the prospects of having to undergo spinal surgery
  • We do NOT believe in conventional OPEN spinal surgery techniques because they are too invasive and the recovery is too prolonged
  • We are STRONG believers in MIS Surgery Techniques and we possess world class expertise in this field
  • We believe that the results with MIS surgery are far superior to those with open spine surgery
  • We believe the overwhelming majority of spinal conditions could be treated effectively through tiny incisions using endoscopic techniques
  • We believe in muscle and soft tissue sparing surgery techniques
  • We believe that patients recover much faster when MIS surgery techniques are employed as opposed to open surgical techniques
  • We believe in consistently maintaining an obsession with achieving the very best patient outcomes and our safety record is second to none nationwide.
  • We believe in preserving spinal motion whenever possible
  • Our core purpose is to return our patients back to life and activity utilizing highly sophisticated and advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques. The surgery is only the means to the end.

We have changed the lives of thousands of patients using these minimally invasive techniques. Learn more about the patient’s experiences by watching their video testimonials below.

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