Access to Artificial Disc Replacement in Canada

Spine surgery in Canada is more traditional and access to artificial discs can be limited

Intuitively it makes sense to prefer a spine surgery that preserves the natural motion of the spine. This lessens the risk of adjacent segment disease where a spinal fusion causes other discs above below to herniate.

While the traditional treatment for many herniated discs is spinal fusion, this locks the vertebrae together. Research from the North American Spine Society — the largest and most prominent group of spine surgeons and specialists in the world — now has documented that when you lock two vertebrae you cause “adjacent segment degeneration.” This means by locking two vertebrae together, the fusion then puts more pressure on the discs above and below the fusion site, causing these other discs to then herniate as well. The alternative is the artificial disc that replicates the motion preserving function of the normal healthy disc.

Three obstacles to getting artificial disc replacement in Canada

There are 3 obstacles to getting an artificial disc in Canada.

The first is that artificial disc replacement requires extensive advanced training for the spine surgeon to learn how to implant the artificial disc. A Calgary or Edmonton spine surgeon leaving active practice for a month for additional training in artificial disc replacement surgery further lengthens the wait time for spine surgery.

Second, in Canada, artificial disc replacement surgery is viewed to be new and potentially too expensive an alternative to the government system. Considering the year long queues for traditional spine surgery, access to artificial disc implants would be harder.

Thirdly, like anything else, practice makes perfect, and to be truly proficient in artificial disc surgery the spine surgeon typically needs to do about 50 disc replacement surgeries a year. This requires a hospital to have a bulk purchasing arrangement with a preferred artificial disc manufacturer.  Selecting the preferred disc is often the domain of the spine surgeon performing the surgery.

The Solution?

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Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement — Sam's Story

Sam had two herniated discs in his neck, making daily activities painful and difficult. After pursuing non-surgical treatment options and spinal injections, Sam still wasn't pain free. That's when Sam took the next step and contacted San Jose Neurospine for help. Dr. Onibokun at San Jose Neurospine was able to replace the damaged discs with MOBI-C Artificial Discs, avoiding a multi-level spinal fusion. Now Sam is back to a healthy lifestyle, pain free.
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Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement — Paul's Story

After waking up with a sore neck, Paul figured he had simply slept on it wrong. He quickly found out that something more serious was occurring when his fingers began going numb. Paul attempted to carry on with everyday life, but the pain and numbness became worse. That is when he decided to research alternatives to spinal fusion, and found San Jose Neurospine. Dr Onibokun was able to replace Paul's discs with the MOBI-C Artificial Disc. After surgery, Paul's pain symptoms were immediately relieved and he is now back to a pain free life!
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