Get a Second Opinion for Spine Surgery in San Jose

For people in Northern California suffering from back and neck pain who have exhausted nonsurgical treatment options, spine surgery in San Jose may be the next step in resolving a spine problem. Because spine surgery is a serious decision, it is a good idea to obtain a second opinion.

A spine surgery second opinion from San Jose Neurospine can provide you the following benefits:

  • Determine if you have considered all possible treatment options and if there are any other nonsurgical options that can relieve symptoms without the need for surgery.
  • If spine surgery is necessary, what type of spine surgery should be performed? You may not need a complex fusion procedure that was initially recommended.
  • Are you a candidate for new artificial disc technology that would provide a better outcome?
  • Do you qualify for minimally invasive spine surgery in day surgery? This may allow you to be home later that same afternoon, for a faster recovery and return to activity.
Spine Surgery Second Opinion Request Form

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